How to Add More Storage to a Small Bedroom

A small bedroom often means insufficient storage, and especially for someone with lots of clothes or who needs to use their bedroom as an office or workspace as well as a place to sleep! There are some easy ways to add more storage to a small bedroom, and without breaking the bank; note a few of them here:

Get a storage headboard

If the wall behind your bed is empty, it's wasted space! Get a storage headboard or one with shelves, or add shelves to that space rather than having a flat headboard. You can use baskets for hiding away items like office supplies and even linens.

Get a fold-down desk

Having a full desk in the bedroom can be cumbersome and it may get in the way of the bed itself, so install a fold-down desk. A piece of wood attached to the wall with hinges and a hook for holding it in place, with legs on hinges, can be folded up and out of the way and unfolded only when you need it.

Double up the clothes on hangers

Use shower curtain hooks on a hanger to hold scarves, belts, ties, and even tank tops. You can also hang coordinating scarves, belts, and ties to the hanger on which you hang a blouse or suit coat; not only will this save valuable closet space, but you can then more quickly grab the items you need when putting together an outfit.

Use a hanging fruit basket

A hanging fruit basket will have three baskets, each below the other, on a long chain. While it's meant for fruit, onions, and the like, you can hang this in the corner of your bedroom and use it for accessories or office supplies you use at the desk.

Hang a pegboard

Hang a pegboard that's painted a nice colour and add some hooks, and use these for accessories, your outfit for the next day, and so on. You can also move around those hooks and change up their location and size as your accessories and other such items change.

Hang a hook on the back of the door

If the back of your bedroom door is empty, you're missing out on valuable storage space. Hang a hook or a few hooks that you can use to set out your outfit for the next day, or which can hold your handbag, keys, and other items. You can even hang two hooks just slightly apart, as a small shelf that's perfect for your phone or tablet.

Or, you could try built in wardrobes! Click the link to learn more. 

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