Three Important Tips for Keeping Your Flowers in Good Condition

If your house looks bland and lifeless, you should think about livening up the interior space with some flowers. You can have a bouquet delivered by a florist or even create custom arrangements from your home garden. In general, quality flowers will remain in good condition for several days. However, if you provide proper care, you will enjoy them for longer before they wilt and die. Here are some crucial guidelines to help you keep your flowers looking beautiful and fresh for as long as possible.

Use a Clean Vase 

The right vase is essential for keeping your flowers from rotting. Therefore, consider your arrangement with care and choose a good fit for your needs. One of the overlooked problems is poor cleanliness. If a vase has residue microbes from the previous arrangements, it will compromise the health of the fresh flowers. Also, a vase that was used for other purposes will cause contamination. Therefore, wash your vase thoroughly, preferably with warm water and a mild detergent. The size of the vase is an important consideration. Make sure that the container is large enough to accommodate the flowers and allow for water absorption. Moreover, the container must not be too large because the arrangement will lose its form and appeal.

Choose a Good Spot 

Select a good spot in your home for setting up your vase after arranging your fresh flowers. Do not focus on aesthetic appeal only. Consider factors that could contribute to the accelerated degradation of the flowers. For example, the exposure of the bouquet to direct sunlight or heat will cause the wilting of the petals. Therefore, avoid putting the vase at your windows if they let in sunlight directly. Also, make sure that there is no heat-emitting appliance or device near the chosen spot. Ripe fruits can also cause the flower petals to fall faster due to a chemical known as ethylene. This hormone could cause floral degradation because of the fruit formation process.  

Change the Water 

When placing the flowers in your vase, make sure that you pour enough water and sufficient flower food into the container. You will also need to replenish the water in your vase as the flowers use it up. A simple top-up is crucial for survival, depending on how much water is absorbed. Additionally, you will need to change the water after a few days because the stem ends in the water will deteriorate. Cut the stem ends and replace the water and flower food.

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