Avoid These Mistakes When Having Custom Curtains Made

Custom curtains can be a perfect choice for your home, as having curtains tailor-made can mean finding just the right pattern or colour, and ensuring that those curtains fit an oversized, undersized or oddly shaped window. When you are ready to have custom made curtains, note a few common mistakes many homeowners make so you're sure to avoid them yourself, and know that you'll wind up with curtains you'll love for years to come.

Choosing fabric

When choosing the fabric for your custom curtains, you want to think about the pattern and colour and how these will fit a particular space, but your decision making shouldn't stop there! Don't overlook the density of the fabric weave; something less dense will still allow light to pass through that weave, even if the fabric is very dark. A lightweight material can be good for smaller rooms where you don't want the curtains to overwhelm the space, but heavier drapes will add insulation to the home and help keep out heat and cold air during the extreme seasons.

It's also good to note the care and maintenance of a fabric. Most curtain fabrics will need to be dry cleaned, but delicate silk may be prone to pick up dust and dirt and oils from your fingers more than a durable wool or cotton, so those delicate panels might need more frequent cleaning.

Colour and pattern

A nice pattern or bright colour on the curtains can add style to your home, but be cautious about being too bold with your choice. You can quickly tire of curtains in a unique shade, or that have a strong pattern. If you have doubts about a colour or pattern you're considering, choose something a bit more neutral and subtle, and then dress up the room with toss pillows and other accessories you can easily change when needed.

Size of curtains

Large, voluminous drapes can add elegance to a room, but you don't want your window treatments to seem out of proportion to the space. Note if a size of curtains would cause them to actually get in the way of foot traffic or furniture and if they would overwhelm the window. On the other hand, small curtains can also seem out of place in a large room or against a large window. Consider going a size smaller than you think is good and then layering your curtains; add a set of panels behind your curtains to add volume without making the curtains seem too large and cumbersome for a room.

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