Two tips homeowners should follow when buying flowers for their garden parties

Here are two tips homeowners should follow when buying flowers for their garden parties.

They should avoid ordering lilies or amaryllises flowers for their buffet or dinner table bouquets

When selecting flowers for their bouquets, a homeowner in this situation should consider not including lilies or amaryllises for the bouquets they plan to decorate their buffet or dinner table with. The reason for this is that both of these flowers have pollen dust that tends to fall onto nearby surfaces very easily, especially in windy settings. When positioned on a table that's outdoors, where there might be a breeze, there's a strong chance that the pollen from these flowers could end up on the food or drink on that table. This could make the food or drink unpleasant for the guests to consume. The fallen pollen could also land on the guests' clothes as well and stain their garments.

As such, these specific flower varieties are best used to decorate other parts of the garden. However, if the homeowner feels they would love to add these flowers to their table setting (because, for example, the colour of these particular flowers would work well with their garden party theme), they should consider using faux versions of them instead. This would eliminate the possibility of the table, food and guests getting covered in pollen but would still allow the homeowner to create the aesthetic they want with these blooms.

They should take their garden's features and flowers into consideration

When ordering fresh-cut or faux flowers for their party, a homeowner in this situation should take their garden's existing flowers and features into consideration. Ideally, they should try to select flowers that will complement the look of the garden. For example, if a homeowner has a wildflower garden, then opting for flowers that are associated with formal gardens and occasions, such as dahlias, peonies or roses, might not make sense. These flowers might clash with the carefree, relaxed look of the surroundings. In this scenario, the homeowner may want to choose varieties such as cornflower, baby's breath and Queen Anne's lace, which would be more in keeping with the wild aesthetic of the garden.

Additionally, if the garden has a lot of imposing decorative features, like a large water fountain and tall sculpted hedges, the homeowner might want to ensure the flowers in their bouquets have an equally grand and dramatic look. Adding some gladiolus, larkspur and angelica (all of which are tall and striking) to each arrangement could help them to achieve this.

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