2 Advantages of Having a New Home Built

When considering a home purchase, there are some obvious advantages of having a new home built, including being able to choose all the colours and surface materials you want for the home. However, there are some other advantages of working with a home builder versus buying an older home; note a few of those here, so you're sure to make the best home buying decision for yourself and your family:


A new home means having all the custom features you want, but have you thought about the actual size of the home, and especially interior rooms? When you work with a home builder, you may be able to have that vaulted ceiling you always dreamed of or a family room that is big enough to accommodate a piano, a home theatre system, or whatever else you want to be included. Finding an older home with interior rooms that are as large as you prefer, or that allow you to expand the space as desired, can be a challenge, no matter the neighbourhoods in which you shop.

You might prefer a home that is just the opposite; something small and efficient, with smaller interior rooms. A small home can add up to quite a bit of cost savings on heating and cooling over the years. It can also mean cheaper maintenance, as you would need to eventually replace less carpeting and fewer floor tiles, less exterior siding, and other such materials. A smaller home also doesn't need as much furniture and accessories to fill empty spaces, and this can also mean saving money on your new home! As with expansive homes, it can be difficult to find small homes that suit you and that don't feel closed-in and claustrophobic, but a home builder can ensure your new, efficient home has lots of windows and light sources and that it is very attractive, no matter its size.

Custom use of rooms

Being able to customize a new home doesn't mean just picking out colours and surface materials; a home builder can ensure each room is set up for your specific desired use of that room. For example, if you dance or work out regularly, one room might include vinyl flooring with a thick rubber underside for cushioning and a wall-length mirror. If you love photography, a darkroom might be created, without windows and with proper ventilation. Adding these custom touches to an older home can mean living with construction noise and mess, and may actually make that home more expensive overall than having a new home built with these features included.

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