Reasons Why Awnings Are Multi-Functional Window Treatments

Although awnings were typically associated with commercial premises, they have steadily drawn the attention of homeowners, making them increasingly popular for residential applications too. With the vast assortment of colours and styles, awnings offer you a quick and easy solution to drab looking windows, boosting the overall beauty of your home. Nevertheless, awnings are not solely aesthetic. The following are some of the reasons why awnings are multi-functional window treatments.

Awnings can help in managing your heating and cooling expenses

With erratic weather changes all year round, you may find that you are heavily reliant on your air conditioning to keep the temperatures in your home comfortable. Although this may seem convenient, you should also bear in mind that the higher your air conditioning usage, the higher your electrical costs will be. If you are looking for a way to slash these expenses, you should consider investing in awnings. During hot weather, your awnings will prevent thermal gain in your home. Therefore, you can keep your house cooler without having to run the air conditioning all day long. Conversely, during the winter, the awnings will prevent heat escaping through your windows, which would keep your household warmer.

Awnings will prolong the lifespan of your furnishings

Natural illumination in your home not only makes your residence appear bright, but it also reduces your dependence on artificial lighting during the day. Nevertheless, direct exposure to the sun will eventually take a toll on your interior furnishings. The ultraviolet rays will begin to cause fading in your flooring, upholstery and even your draperies. However, the solution for this would not be to keep your curtains drawn. Instead, you should install ultra-violet resistance awnings at the exterior of your windows. These awnings will deflect the harmful UV rays, while still allowing sunlight to stream through your windows.

Awnings will provide you with increased square footage

Living space in your residence is always something that is in demand, especially if you are drawn to entertaining guests from time to time. A simple way to increase your square footage of living space without having to construct a permanent structure is through the installation of large awnings. Retractable awnings can be installed adjacent to your home and will provide all-year round shelter to protect you and your guests from the changing elements. Alternatively, you could have them installed by your pool area, saving you the trouble of constructing a deck. This addition can increase the value of your home too!

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