How to Make Your Garden More Private

Gardens which are overlooked by neighbouring properties or from members of the public passing by on the road can feel like they lack enough privacy for you to truly relax in. Although some people are not bothered by how open their garden is to view from outside, others never feel comfortable if their garden is overlooked. Of course, what measures you might choose to take in order to make your garden more private will depend on your personal preferences. Thankfully, there are plenty of steps you can take to make your garden more private which will suit all styles and budgets. Read on to discover some of the best garden privacy ideas for your property.

Shrubs and Trees

Large trees are a good way of creating shade over a lawn. In addition, they'll offer you the opportunity to obscure the view of neighbours into your garden from upstairs windows. This is an especially good technique if your garden backs onto another property and there is a low-level fence which can be seen over easily. Large leaf trees are the best ones to choose for issues of privacy. A good wholesale nursery will have a selection of suitable tree species to select from and you can get plenty of advice about which ones to opt for depending on your soil type.

When you want to create a division between your garden and those on either side, shrubs are the best option. Japanese box is one of the tried and tested shrubs that is extremely popular for marking out garden boundaries and creating a degree of privacy between neighbours. This shrub grows into easy to maintain hedges when planted closely together. It can be trimmed to just the right height to prevent prying eyes. Widely used in Europe and the southern hemisphere, sweet viburnum is another excellent shrub to choose to create private gardens.

Overhead Cover

Breaking off views from overhead onto your garden is the best way of achieving greater privacy. If you have a patio area that you'd like to make more private, then consider installing a retractable awning which will stop people being able to see across to your seating area and even into your home. Shade sails are another excellent option for preventing prying eyes from looking down into your garden from above.

Handling Side-On Views

Blocking a sideways look into your property can be achieved with hedging, as mentioned. Another natural alternative is to install trellises where you might otherwise opt for fencing. If you train climbing plants through trellises, such as clematis or rambling roses, then they will create a visual barrier for greater privacy but still allow air to flow through, unlike a hard fence would, for example.

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