Why Your Home May Need Custom Doors

When you need to shop for interior or entryway doors for your home, you may not think about the type and style you choose and might simply select a standard wood door from the home improvement store. While standard doors can certainly suffice in most cases, there are areas of the home where you may want or need custom doors instead. Note how a custom door can add some style and help improve the look of your home's interior or entryway and also function better for you overall.


Does your home seem somewhat dark and dim? If so, you may want to think about how to add glass to various doors around the home to allow more light to pass through. Your entryway door can have large glass windows on the door itself and glass inserts on either side, if there's room along the entryway. Inside the home, you might install French doors with glass inserts for any room with large windows. French doors with glass inserts in them will allow light to reach other areas of the home, making it seem brighter. Use shades on the inside of the French doors that can be closed as needed for occasional privacy.


If you notice a draft or some hot, stuffy air always coming from the basement or a back room, you might want to get a custom door made for that entryway. A thick door that provides lots of insulation can keep out that uncomfortable air coming from those spaces and keep your home more comfortable overall.

Clearance and size

If your home has a smaller room that doesn't offer adequate clearance for a door, you may want to have something custom made to fit that entryway specifically. A pocket door can slide into the wall, and a barn-style door slides along a track mounted to the wall rather than swinging in and out. You can also have a door made with two separate panels that swing out in the middle so that each panel is half the width of a standard door. This can make the door more proportionate to the space and a better fit overall.

Physical challenges

You may want to think about getting a wider doorway and door if someone in the home has mobility issues; even if they're not currently in a wheelchair, a wider door may more easily accommodate such equipment when needed. A lightweight door with curved handles rather than a knob can also be a good choice for someone with arthritis or other such physical limitations.

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