3 Ways to Make the Most of Bin Hire Services for an Office Move

If you are planning an office move any time soon, bin hire could be the answer to disposing of all the rubbish that this process involves. Whether you are creating a brand new branch office and need to move essentials to the new location or you are moving your entire operation to new offices, you will no doubt have plenty of waste to dispose of. Old paperwork, broken equipment and general waste can all be put in your bin and most bin hire companies offer a range of bin sizes to cater for your needs. 

Arrange Bin Hire for Office Moves

You should aim to place an order for bin hire well in advance of your office move. This means you can get started on organising your move the moment your bin arrives and the big decluttering operation that will no doubt arise. There are many bin hire companies offering their services and the one you choose will largely depend on your individual needs and the volume of waste you estimate you will be disposing of. Bin hire options can include the smallest wheelie bin to bins that are the size of large skips. 

Understand What Can Go in Your Bin

It is important that you follow the waste disposal rules that are in place for your state. Your bin hire company will also give you advice on what type of waste can be put into your bin. For example, organic waste may not be permitted and you may need to obtain a special license to dispose of other types of waste. You will most certainly be permitted to get rid of paper, cardboard and broken office equipment. Many offices have these items laying around in cupboards and filing cabinets for years, and it is only when an office move takes place that somebody finally decides to get rid of them. 

Choose the Right Bin Hire Company

Think about your office move and the type of bin you may need. If you are moving several floors of offices then you may want to consider a larger bin. Smaller office moves will probably do fine with a 3m bin. Speak to several bin hire companies in your local area to get an idea of costs, delivery and collection. They will be able to give you advice on the right bin to choose to suit your needs and arrange delivery at your convenience. 

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