Awnings: Delightfully Prolonging the Life of Your Awnings

Awnings are covers made from unique canvas fabric used for shelter against natural weather conditions such as heavy downpour and scorching summer heat. You may have seen these covers extending from the overhead of doors, windows as well as decks. Due to the canvas composition, they are relatively easy to care for and clean. Whether you clean them or not, they will still finely serve the shelter purpose, but there are a few things that you may want to do to keep your awnings looking new, flashy and full of life. Here are a few tips for keeping your awnings looking great all year.

Brushing Having a soft bristled brush over your awnings at least once per week will go a long way in ensuring that they remain clean and attractive to look. When it comes to choice of brush for this task, it is important to find a brush with a short handle and soft bristles. The soft brushes avoid bruising and tearing of your adorable awnings.

Hosing Off If you do not have the time for brushing of the awnings, you may want to consider the option of giving it a quick rinse of water. When the water passes on the canopy surface, the particles of dirt and dust can get flushed off from the surface. When looking at the energy used, one could go for the hosing off option as compared to brushing since it requires less effort. After the fabric has completely dried off, you can see the bright and attractive aspect.

Washing You can use your brush and hose pipe to channel water to the awning for a thorough cleaning. You need to make the cover wet by sprinkling water over it then use your brush and liquid soap to scrub the surface lightly. This task may be time-consuming but very useful for cleaning your awning. Gently rub the whole face of the shelter, then run water over to rinse it. For the washing, you only need to do it twice a year; at the end of summer season and beginning of spring.

Allow it to dry One of the largest mistakes that you can do in the care of the awning is not letting it dry after it has rained or snowed. When the folds of the cover collect water, mould and mildew may develop hence weakening and patching up the awning. You are required to spread and extend it under the sun for thorough drying.  If you want to store the owning,  it is important that you ensure that it is scorched and moisture-free.

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