A Simple Guide on How to Maintaining Your Sofas

Whether you've recently purchased a new sofa or had an older one re-upholstered, you will notice how fresh and blemish-free the newborn furniture is. So why is it that, inevitably, the upholstery will end up looking faded and wrinkled? Well, it doesn't have to.

With a little regular maintenance, you can keep your sofas looking good for years to come; just incorporate the following maintenance tips into your housecleaning routine.

Look After the Cushions

The cushions are stuck with the unfortunate job of being constantly sat on. Not surprisingly, this can lead to quite a bit of wear and disfigurement.

To keep your cushions in good shape, you need to regularly fluff them, similarly to how bed pillows are fluffed. Essentially, you want to punch, prod, and poke them in whatever way you can, with the purpose of returning them to their original shape. Softer cushions will need more frequent fluffing, while harder cushions can retain their shape a little longer.

Additionally, you will want to flip the cushions once every few weeks. This will ensure that the cushions wear down equally on both sides, which will ultimately help them retain their shape.

Vacuum Regularly

While everyone vacuums their floor on a weekly basis, many people tend to neglect their sofa in this department. Dust is the equivalent of sand; sand that gathers, in no small amounts, all over your upholstery. Sand is very abrasive and has the annoying ability to worm its way into the tiniest nook and/or cranny.

By not vacuuming your beautifully-upholstered furniture at least once a week, you might as well be giving it a rubdown with a sheet of coarse sandpaper!

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Sunlight has a bleaching effect on almost every surface; your upholstery is no exception. Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible; it will not only fade the upholstery but can cause cracking and wrinkling.

Understandably, this is not always the most realistic goal. You can't expect to keep sunlight away from your sofa permanently; there are few things as glorious as catching some winter sunlight while sprawled out on the couch. To diminish the damaging effects of ultraviolet light, get your upholstery stain-protected.

Apply Stain Protection

Stain protection, while indeed protecting from stains caused by food and drink, has the added benefit of safeguarding upholstery from the fading effects of sunlight. Having the stain protection professionally applied is usually the best option, as you can be sure that the application will be thorough and even.

However, if you prefer, you can buy a stain protector and have a go at applying it yourself. Either way, stain protection is a must-have for anyone serious about keeping their furniture looking good for as long as possible.

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