Choosing the Right Details for Your Glass Shower Enclosure

A glass shower enclosure, or shower screen as it's often called, can add elegance to any bathroom, and keep the space from looking clean and bright, and not cluttered and busy. Shower screens also don't hold mould and mildew, so they're easier to clean than shower curtains, and you don't need to worry about changing the screen every time you change the paint colour on the walls or colour of your bathroom linens!

When you're ready to shop for a glass shower enclosure for your bathroom, you'll need to choose the type of glass, but will also need to choose some smaller pieces and accessories as well. These smaller pieces may not seem important, but note why you want to take your time to shop and compare these details, and how they can make a big impact overall.


As said, the handle for a hinged door might not seem important, but consider if you or anyone in the home has difficulty with gripping small items. Someone with arthritis may not be able to easily use a knob handle, and a pull or bar might be a better option. If your bathroom is somewhat small and you don't have enough room to hang all the towels you use, choose a bar handle that is long and horizontal, so that it doubles as a towel rack.


If you do opt for a hinged door and not just a fixed screen, consider the size and material of the hinges. Choose a finish that coordinates with the bathroom fixtures; aluminium or chrome is good if you have standard chrome fixture, or opt for an oil-rubbed bronze if the bathroom fixtures are bronze or copper. Oversized hinges can bring some metallic elements into the room and break up the look of the glass itself, and add some shine and colour.

Support bar

A support bar goes across the top of a fixed screen. Many such screens don't need a support bar, as they're very durable and securely clipped into place. However, if someone in the home has balance issues, it might be good to add a support bar, as it keeps the shower screen even more secure. This support bar can also add more metallic elements to the screen itself, coordinating with the handle and hinges, and also toning down a long and large screen. Opt for an oversized support bar if you want to create a semi-framed look to the glass, and this will ensure the screen doesn't become too bland and boring.

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