2 Ways To Add Hamptons-Style Charm To Your Post-War Cottage

Hamptons-style homes are a big trend in modern house design. Inspired by the beachside homes of the rich and famous in the Hamptons area of New York state, these dwellings are effortlessly stylish, full of clean lines and have a low-key, beachside feel. The breezy, light palette of whites and soft, natural neutrals works fantastically in both coastal and urban settings around the country.

If you have a post-war timber cottage that needs some life and character injected into it, then a Hamptons-style makeover is an ideal choice. It works with the basic structure of a post-war dwelling and is easy to achieve with a few relatively minor alterations. Here are two elements that will help to transform your basic and featureless home into a charming and attractive Hamptons-style home.

1. Add external shutters

Adding external shutters to your home's windows is a quick and easy way to add character and appeal to an otherwise unremarkable facade. They're a common feature of genuine Hamptons homes as well as their namesakes in Australia. Shutters work well with the original timber windows of post-war homes and also look great if you've already added modern windows.

For an authentic look, opt for timber shutters or good-quality, timber-look aluminium versions. They should be painted a simple white or a light neutral such as grey or pale blue. Try to match the colour of the shutters with other elements of the facade, such as the doors, eaves or window frames, to create a cohesive and complimentary look. To learn more about shutters, contact a company like Shutterflex.

2. Add a fresh coat of paint

When it comes to interior design, a fresh coat of paint is one of the fastest and easiest ways to give a room a whole new look and feel. The same is true of a home's exterior, and you can give your post-war cottage a new lease on life with a Hamptons-inspired external colour palette.

You can't beat a bright, warm white as a perfect base colour for your home's timber cladding. If the all-white look is a little too intense for your liking, change the main colour to a pale grey, blue or tan to stay within the style guidelines of a Hamptons-style home. For stronger accents, you can add darker hues of the base colour, such as charcoal or midnight blue, to features such as the eaves, door frames or window frames.

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