5 Reasons Copper Gutters Are Worth the Added Cost Over Aluminium

If you're trying to choose between different metal guttering materials, you've probably come down to aluminium or copper. Aluminium is more cost-effective and therefore more popular, but here are just five compelling reasons why copper gutters are worth the added expense.

1. Appearance

The way your home looks is extremely important. When you pull up after a long day at work, you want to see something that makes you proud to live there. You'll also want to think about curb appeal if you're likely to sell the home at some point. A more attractive exterior is going to give a positive impression right off the bat. And that's probably the most common reason people choose copper gutters over aluminium. When new, their shining brown colour is wonderfully eye-catching. Over time, they fade to an attractive green patina.

2. Strength

One of the main problems with aluminium is its tendency to dent. This could happen because something has been thrown against it or even because you put up a ladder without being gentle enough. Copper is far stronger than aluminium, so only the most serious impacts are going to produce a dent.

3. Corrosion

You've probably heard that aluminium gutters are more resistant to corrosion than steel gutters. This is true, but copper gutters still take the top spot. While aluminium can often corrode and require touch-ups every now and then, the patina developed by copper covers the metal and helps protect it from corrosion. As such, copper gutters very rarely require maintenance.

4. Eco-Friendliness

Aluminium gutters can be recycled, but the process tends to be more resource-intensive than the recycling of copper, especially when the metal has suffered from corrosion. Of course, copper's exceptional longevity also helps its environmentally-friendly credentials. If you fit it now, it's not like it's going to need to be recycled for many decades to come.

5. Weather Resistance

It should go without saying that your gutters will need to put up with whatever the weather can throw at them. In this regard, copper gutters come out ahead once again. One issue with aluminium is that is can suffer from thermal damage if frequently subjected to harsh direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, that's just what they'll face in many parts of the country. Copper gutters can weather anything from freezing winters to boiling summers, so you won't need to worry about replacing them thanks to the sun.

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