Get the Most Out of Your New Pergola by Choosing the Perfect Spot

When the weather's too hot to be stuck indoors, it's nice to have a pleasant area to sit and relax in your backyard. A popular way to create a beautiful seating area is through pergola installation. Pergolas are simple but versatile structures that can be built in all shapes and sizes and easily personalised to suit your taste.

If you want to build an outdoor seating area underneath a pergola, it's vital to choose exactly the right spot for it. By siting your pergola perfectly, you'll have maximum enjoyment from it and won't have any regrets later. Think about these points as you decide where it's going to be installed.

The ground underneath

Although it's okay to have grass beneath your pergola seating area, bear in mind that it can make your furniture sit unevenly, and it can be difficult to mow because it's partially obstructed. It's better to have solid ground, if possible.

You might already have a patio area or some decking, which makes an ideal spot for your pergola. If not, choose somewhere you can lay down some pavers, concrete or wood flooring before your pergola is installed.

Any plants you want to grow

Pergolas are often used to grow climbing plants, which gives some coverage on the sides, top or both. Decide what plants you'd like to grow, and find out about their specific needs.

If they're plants that need a lot of sun, make sure you put your pergola somewhere that gets sunlight during the day. Likewise, for plants that prefer shade, choose a shaded area. You may be able to arrange the pergola so that the seating area inside gets sun but plants at the sides are shaded.

The view from the pergola

When you're sitting and relaxing under your pergola, it's nice to have something pleasant to look at. If you arrange it so there's a shed on one side and some dull foliage on the others, you won't get as much enjoyment out of it.

Choose somewhere with nice views or areas where you can create them. If you situate the pergola so there are some empty spots surrounding it, you can use flowerbeds, shrubs or water features to make the view perfect.

Other nearby structures

Pergolas often work best when they're entirely separate from the house and other buildings. Choose an area where you don't feel too close to other structures so it's a truly distinct spot to sit.

This also prevents any obstructions that will get in the way of building and installing your pergola and gives you space to expand in the future.

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