How to Pest Proof Your Caravan For Winter Self Storage

While self storage companies usually take active measures to prevent pests getting into their facilities, pests are wily little creatures that can take advantage of the smallest opportunities. You really won't want to pick up your caravan when you're ready to hit the road only to find that it's been a happy home for pests over the winter.  What can you do to make sure that you keep pests out while utilising caravan storage?

Remove Food Supplies

Pests may target your caravan and set up home in it if it looks like it may be a good source of food for them. So before you put your van in storage, take out any food you store in it. It's also worth taking out oils, condiments and spices in case they attract pests.

Once you've got food out of your caravan, think about food traces that may need cleaning up. Even a few crumbs on the floor or a few frozen peas left in a freezer compartment can look good to a hungry mouse. So make sure to vacuum all your floors thoroughly and to clean out your cupboards and drawers. You'll likely be defrosting your fridge and freezer anyway, but take an extra look inside to see if there are any traces of food that need wiping out.

Remove Pest Attractants

Pests aren't just attracted by food; other stuff may encourage them to take a look in your caravan. For example, rodents and insects may be attracted by the smell of scented candles, soaps, fragrance oils or potpourri. So try to remove anything with a fragrance. It's also worth taking out any paper you have in your caravan — mice may use this to build nests. Finally, think hard before you leave any clothes in storage. Moths may see your stored wardrobe as a munch-fest. If you want to store some summer clothes in your van, then add some moth repellent to your wardrobe.

Remove Possible Entry Points

Close all doors and windows before you move your caravan into storage. This is a good time to check door and window seals and to repair or replace any that don't fit tightly. As well as blocking access for pests, well-fitting seals will protect your caravan from rain damage generally if you'll be storing it outside.

Before you choose a self storage site, talk to staff about pest control and how it might affect your caravan. They may have additional useful ideas on how to keep your caravan pest-free over the winter.

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