3 Important Things to Think Through When Designing Your Custom Carport

When planning for the construction of a carport for your car storage, it is important to choose a custom design that satisfies your specific needs and suits your budget. In this regard, here are a few crucial factors you will need to think through before embarking on the project.

Intended use of the carport 

Though carports are primarily designed for car storage, they can also act as shelters for RVs, boats, trailers, farm tractors and lawn mowing equipment. Make sure you keep the intended use of the carport in mind because this is what will help you figure out the proper size of the outbuilding.

It is also prudent to think about your future needs. If you intend to purchase another car sometime soon, for example, it would be best to build a carport that is big enough to accommodate the extra vehicle when it arrives. This way, you won't have to start thinking about extending your carport or building a new one.

Location of the carport

Where do you want your custom carport built? Do you want it to attach to your main house or built as a free-standing structure? Generally speaking, an attached carport is desirable when you have enough space next to your house to build the structure. It is an ideal choice for homes located in areas that are prone to windstorms, as it can rely on already-existing structure for support. A stand-alone carport, on the other hand, is desirable when you don't have ample yard space next to your house to accommodate an attached structure. 

Your choice will depend on the availability of space in your yard, but also local weather patterns. 

Roof design of the carport

Another important factor that you will need to review is the design of the roof you will install on your carport. If your home is located in an area that receives plenty of snowfall during the year, for instance, it would be best to choose a gable roof instead of a flat roof. The steeper slope of a gable roof will ensure snow sheds off quickly from your roof surface; whereas, a flat roof will retain snow, allowing winter weather to wreak havoc on your roof.

A good roof should be both functional and aesthetic, so you should carefully think about the weather in your local area as well as the visual appeal of the roof design you choose for your carport.

For more information on custom-built carports, contact a custom carport builder near you today.

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