The Guide You Need to Trim Your Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a great addition to the windows in your home. You need them to provide cover and protection from harsh sun rays that can wear down the furniture and fittings in your house. It is worth noting that Roman blinds differ from traditional window shades in how they function, so they may require trimming. It is important to know how you can trim your Roman blinds to fit perfectly into your living space. Here are some key takeaways for you: 

The Measurements and Tools

Any successful trimming project begins with having the right tools and dimensions to minimise the potential for errors. Measure the edges of the windows that you intend to cover and mark them appropriately with a pencil. A tape measure will suffice for this purpose. Recheck the measurements before proceeding to the next step. 

Set a power table saw in a safe location until you are ready to start the trimming process. You will also need fine-grained sandpaper and a set of fastening tools such as screwdrivers. 

Prepare the Headrail

Roll the Roman blind tightly and secure it firmly to a metal headrail according to the tape measurements. Make sure that the power table is off when you are doing this. After securing the blind, use the fine-grained sandpaper to scour the edge of the headrail. Repeat the scouring process until the headrail feels smooth to the touch. 

Trim the Headrail

Cut the your headrail to the appropriate size using a hacksaw. When you are cutting, move the hacksaw back and forth gently to make sure that you end up with smooth, consistent edges. You can use a power grinder to get rid of any excess metal left on the edges after you are done cutting. 

Trim the Roman Shade

Use a pencil to mark the desired length of the Roman blind. Wrap these areas with some masking tape after adding a little extra length to the length that you want to cut. The additional length will give you room for correction if the need arises. Follow through by using cutters or wire snips to trim the Roman blind, keeping the cutter just below the masking tape. When you are done, remove the masking tape and slip the blinds into the new edge. Tie knots on both endpoints of the string as you prepare to hang your trimmed Roman blinds.

Contact a company that sells Roman blinds to learn more.

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