Choosing A Kitchen Benchtop

There are plenty of different worktops you could choose for your kitchen. Wooden ones have started to make something of a comeback in many Australian homes, and glass kitchen benchtops are probably more popular today than they ever have been before. That said, kitchen wholesale suppliers are more likely to sell prefabricated granite and laminate kitchen work surfaces than just about any other material. The other main alternative is a concrete kitchen work surface these days. How do these popular types of kitchen benchtops size up?

Granite Worktops

To begin with, granite is a natural stone that offers a unique appearance. For this reason alone, it remains very popular, especially in highly specified kitchens with top-end fixtures and fittings. However, granite is a porous stone, so it needs to be treated to prevent water from penetrating it, something that you will need to repeat down the line to keep it in mint condition. Granite kitchen benchtops are expensive and heavy, so they really need to be installed professionally rather than fitted as a DIY project. A good thing to know about granite is that it is naturally heat resistant and not liable to scratching because it is such a hard material.

Laminate Worktops

Although laminates are probably the cheapest type of kitchen work surface you can opt for, they often look very good and will usually offer a natural appearance that is just as elegant as something much more expensive. You do not need to carry out any maintenance with laminate kitchen benchtops — simply wipe them down and spray them from time to time with an antibacterial agent to ensure hygiene is maintained. They are easy to fit, and the only problem with them is that they can mark. Scratches tend to show and warping from exposure to hot liquids is also an issue. Look after them, however, and they'll last a very long time.

Concrete Worktops

Once the concrete has cured properly, concrete kitchen worktops are very hard indeed. However, you will need to wait for this process to complete, which means they are a little impractical at first. Concrete can be polished to offer a high-gloss appearance, but it does have a few known issues. Firstly, it can crack if something very heavy falls on it. It may stain if you allow liquids like red wine to sit on it for any length of time. Finally, it needs to be sealed, just like granite.

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