Tips to Have a Successful Storage Unit Experience

Storing your personal possessions is a great help whenever you are planning a move, decluttering your home or need a place to stash your extra items, as it gets them out of the way and protects them with a safe and locked storage option. Here are some recommendations to get the most out of your storage unit and keep your possessions stored safely while they are packed away.

Prevent Pests in Your Unit

As a first rule about keeping pests out of your unit, look for a storage facility that uses good pest control techniques and also promotes a pest-free environment. They may complete regular pest control prevention or provide you with pest traps to help you out, but you can also take it a step further to keep your items safe. 

Before you move in, check out the inside of your storage space and clean out any spider webs that may have formed overnight. Spiders can move in at any time, but you can take measures to keep them out. Also, apply a pesticide on the inside corners and crevices before you move your items into your unit to help protect them during the rental.

Also, be careful that you don't store any food or food-scented items in your storage unit. This means no candles or other yummy-smelling accessories can be stored in the unit because it will attract pests that will chew into your possessions. It is also a good idea to wash clothing or bedding that may have food odours or residues so you prevent pest intrusion.

Pack the Unit

When you are ready to start filling your storage unit with items, make a plan to place them in stacks with the heaviest items on the bottom. This may include heavy boxes filled with books, for example, or furniture. Pack your items into boxes or plastic bins that are all the same size and shape to help make the stacking and storage process easier. Plastic bins with lids are also helpful to protect your items. 

Wrap up furniture with plastic sheeting or wraps to protect them from dust and other damage during storage. And if you can access wooden pallets, they make a great sturdy stand on which you can place your items to keep them off the ground and protect them from moisture. Unless your storage unit is inside a climate-controlled building, you need to keep in mind that moisture can come into your storage unit.

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