What To Think About When Buying Plants At A Nursery

Plant nurseries are great places to find inspiration for your garden and it is hard not to be a little swept up in the excitement of it all when visiting one. However, it is important that you keep a calm head so that you get what you want out of your trip to the plant nursery and not just impulse buy everything you see. Here are a few things that should be on your mind when you are perusing the many rows and collections at your local plant nursery so that you get a great deal. 

Check The Leaves And Stem For Growths

There is a whole host of different fungus and bacteria that can grow on plants that you do not want to bring back to your garden. Before you select the plants you want, always make sure they are clean and free of any of these conditions. If the plant you were about to pick up does have something on it, then often you can just get the same plant stacked behind it with no risk. This is because most plants are kept in different pots with no real way for the problem to hop between them. It is also a good idea to notify someone at the nursery about it, as they likely have no idea and would love to get that infected plant off their shelves.

Double-Check The Environmental Requirements

Plant nurseries are great at presenting the plants in the condition they should ideally be kept in. However, once you take it home, you have to consider the actual real-world conditions you will be taking that plant into. An easy way to check when you are at the nursery is to simply look up the name of the plant and find the ideal temperature, watering levels and whether it can handle frost or any other specific requirements you can think of. 

Pick The Best Looking Ones

This is no time to be charitable and pick the runt of the litter just to be nice. If you want the plant to have the highest chance of success then you need to pick the healthiest and strongest option. Look at the display photos and pick the plant that most closely mirrors it. If you find that there are a lot of spots or dead leaves, then avoid those options. At most plant nurseries this won't be an issue, as the quality displayed is quite high, but it can pay to keep this in mind anytime you are plant shopping. 

Contact a plant nursery for more information. 

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Plant nurseries are great places to find inspiration for your garden and it is hard not to be a little swept up in the excitement of it all when visit