Four Colour Trends In Bathroom Renovation Design

If you are thinking about undertaking bathroom remodelling, it is important to stay on top of trends in bathroom design, and that includes what colours will add value to your home. You might be wondering what the top trending colours are in bathroom design and how you can incorporate these colours into your bathroom remodelling. Here are four trending colours that are also timeless and how to make the most of these trending palettes. 

1. Black Is The New Black

Dark bathrooms have been having a moment in the spotlight in the past few years, and that trend is continuing. There are a couple of ways to incorporate black into your bathroom remodelling. All-black tiles, including walls and flooring, will give your bathroom a modern look, especially when combined with gold fittings. However, you can also choose to have black as a stand-out colour in your bathroom by combining black fixtures, such as taps, against an all-white bathroom.

2. Go For Gold 

As mentioned above, gold is another trending colour. You can stick to gold fixtures, such as taps and mirror frames, or you can go really bold with gold shimmering tiles for a vintage touch. Gold-flecked tiles can be used to break up monotone designs. Earth-gold orange tones work especially well for country or outback properties to bring in that desert nature feel.

3. Keeping It Green

Green is a trending colour in bathroom renovations. There are a few ways to incorporate green into your bathroom remodelling, and one of these ways is to use wallpaper. Wallpaper is a trending feature of bathroom remodelling right now, and tones in olive green and vintage Victorian era green are hot. The other way to bring in green is the natural way — potted plants freshen up bathroom spaces. Or, consider open-style bathrooms that open onto a patio or backyard to bring the outside in.

4. The Classic White Bathroom

White bathrooms never go out of style. However, if you are looking to update your all-white bathroom with a bathroom remodelling this year, there are ways to modernise this look. Try feature walls in the colours listed above, wallpapers or bright fixtures that stand out amongst your white bathroom tiles. 

If you are undertaking a bathroom remodel in the future, consider the above trends in bathroom renovation design; they will make your bathroom look great and make it a place that you love.

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