Versatile Storage Options for Your Backyard

Backyard storage has changed over the past several years. No longer can you have only a dingy wooden shed that's seen better years, and no longer are you restricted to keeping everything in a tight bundle under a small awning over a verandah on rainy days. Now you can get durable storage sheds that come in sizes suitable for storing everything from a few tools to your car. Even better is the fact that you can get combination units that allow you to have different storage spaces in one structure.

Narrow Sheds for Tools, Gardening Equipment, and Bikes

If you want only a covered, protected space to lock up some tools, a bike, or some gardening equipment that you don't want to be left out in the sun or rain, a narrow shed that fits along the side of your house should be adequate. These are usually a metre or so by a couple of metres and are very helpful in small yards. They let you lock away clutter, protect items from weather and theft (assuming you use a tough lock) and better organise the items you need to store.

Wider Units for Workshops and Offices

Then there are larger sheds that can be used both for storage and for work. Whether you want a workshop for your hobby or need a space for a home office that's away from the kids, these larger storage sheds can be wired with electricity and installed on a stable base that gives you a lot of room. Some of these can't be turned into living spaces, but some can be turned into relaxing hideaway spots where you can nap or read. You'll want to look into more interior features for this including flooring, and some storage-unit sellers offer these options along with the shed structures themselves.

Covered Parking and Vehicle Storage

If you have a lot of room in your yard, and you want extra vehicle storage along with space to have a workshop or what have you, you can get combination storage units that combine a large, enclosed storage space plus either a garage or a carport-style parking spot. You'll need enough room to create a driveway to the carport or garage. These can be very handy as you can also use them to store multiple vehicles in their own spaces. If you've got multiple people renting rooms in a large house, for example, these units can serve as extra parking to keep everyone's cars off the street.

You've got lots of options to look through, so if you want backyard storage, you won't be hurting for choices. Start looking through online catalogues and asking companies if they have showrooms where you can look at sample storage units.

For more information on storage units, contact a company near you.

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